Stewart Geo Technologies

GIS Data Quality Control

Bermuda and Belize Data Conversion Quality Control 

DMS was hired to provide quality control services for Stewart Geo Technologies, a professional services organization dedicated to providing mapping and land registry services. DMS was tasked to quality-check and report on the following GIS data for the countries, Bermuda and Belize:


Pioneer Natural Resources

Pipeline and Well Location Updates

DMS provides on-going well location and pipeline system updates for Pioneer Natural Resources. Such updates may require a field crew to ground-truth well and pipeline locations through the use of pipeline locators and GPS data collection. Pipeline and well location updates are delivered to Pioneer Natural Resources in shapefile format.

LCRA - West Travis County

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - West Travis County

Water Utility GIS Layer Creation and Map Book Printing

Digital Mapping Services, L.P., through a sub-contract agreement with CH2MHILL, was hired by the Water/Wastewater Utility Division of the LCRA to create the GIS mapping layers for the West Travis County area near Austin, Texas. LCRA uses a GIS to help in the maintenance of water and wastewater quality issues within communities that reside along the banks of the Colorado


LCRA - City of Lockhart

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - City of Lockhart

Water and Wastewater Utility GIS Layer Creation, GPS Data Collection and Map Book Creation 

Digital Mapping Services, L.P. was hired to provide the necessary manpower and resources to provide GIS consulting and support services for the City of Lockhart GIS program. Work involved includes: GPS data acquisition of water and wastewater features in the City of Lockhart and the creation of utility mapping layers via geo- rectification. Features mapped and converted into GIS layers


Koch Pipeline

School and Daycare Location Verification

DMS was hired to provide verification of school and children/adult daycare facilities throughout the state of Texas that are within a half-mile buffer of Koch’s pipelines. Pipeline companies are required by the Railroad Commission to notify these institutions of the presence of their pipelines every two years, so that, in the event of an emergency, proper planning will have been established with first responders. Koch Pipeline requested from DMS an updated master list and


Encana Oil & Gas

Data Conversion

Oil and Gas Lease Mapping

DMS provided contract lease mapping services to EnCana Oil and Gas from our Corpus Christi office or when requested, an analyst was sent to EnCana's office to work on site. EnCana provided their lease data in PDF format and lease reports were provided in MS Excel spreadsheets. Through the use of metes and bounds descriptions, legal descriptions, ownership GIS layers, and geo-rectifying lease maps/plats for heads-up digitizing, DMS was able to create lease


City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Water & Wastewater Departments / EMA

GIS Layer Update

Through a sub- contract agreement with EMA Inc., a Water/Wastewater consulting firm, DMS updated both the spatial and attribute data of the City’s Water Utility GIS layers. DMS utilized all existing information from approximately 2500 water project as-builts and 2000 wastewater project as-builts, a system map book, and tie -drawings of the water features in order to complete the update process. The total number of point and line features that required attribute updates was 92,531 for water and 35,268 for wastewater. The total number of new projects that were digitized, fully attributed, and added to the layers amounted to 145 for water and 98 for wastewater. DMS converted the City’s existing Genamap formatted files into State Plane, NAD83, South Zone shapefiles in order to complete all the updates and additions. All file processing including tile processing, projecting, and updating was performed using the ESRI ArcMap product suite.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

GIS Data Conversion

Oil and Gas Lease Mapping

DMS provided contract mapping services to assist with the mapping of Chesapeake oil and gas leases. These services were performed from our Corpus Christi office and oil and gas lease information were provided via secure access to the client’s server or via digital media delivery (external hard-drive). All lease documents (oil and gas leases, deeds, plats, and maps) were provided in PDF format and lease reports were provided in MS Excel format. All lease layers were


Carrizo Oil & Gas

GIS Data Conversion Success

Oil and Gas Lease Mapping

DMS has been providing lease mapping and project management services to Carrizo Oil and Gas for the past two years. All GIS project setup and data conversion is performed by DMS. Lease data is provided in PDF format and is later accessed via a hyperlink field which is part of each shapefile update sent back to the client. Lease polygons are created using metes and bounds descriptions, legal descriptions and ownership layers, or by geo -rectifying lease maps