LCRA - City of Lockhart

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - City of Lockhart

Water and Wastewater Utility GIS Layer Creation, GPS Data Collection and Map Book Creation 

Digital Mapping Services, L.P. was hired to provide the necessary manpower and resources to provide GIS consulting and support services for the City of Lockhart GIS program. Work involved includes: GPS data acquisition of water and wastewater features in the City of Lockhart and the creation of utility mapping layers via geo- rectification. Features mapped and converted into GIS layers


comprised of water mains, wastewater mains, water valves, fire hydrants, wastewater manholes and cleanouts. These features were identified from digital files that were provided by the client. Information captured in the field and mapped in the office was based on LCRA-provided shapefiles, construction plans, and one foot City of Lockhart imagery.

Deliverables Included:

  • Geo-rectified mapping layers representing the water and wastewater features
  • Two bound, hardcopy map books for each utility (water and wastewater)
  • Digital copies of each utility map book in PDF format

All GPS data collection and mapping was done in the Texas State Plane coordinate system NAD 1983 – South Central Zone. Digital Mapping Services, L.P. completed the project in four weeks.