Chesapeake Energy Corporation

GIS Data Conversion

Oil and Gas Lease Mapping

DMS provided contract mapping services to assist with the mapping of Chesapeake oil and gas leases. These services were performed from our Corpus Christi office and oil and gas lease information were provided via secure access to the client’s server or via digital media delivery (external hard-drive). All lease documents (oil and gas leases, deeds, plats, and maps) were provided in PDF format and lease reports were provided in MS Excel format. All lease layers were


mapped in a file geodatabase with feature datasets assigned to each analyst or technician working on the project. All lease reports were uploaded to a MS Access database that was used to track the status of all leases mapped. Lease polygons were created using metes and bounds descriptions, legal descriptions and ownership layers, or by georectifying lease maps for heads-up digitizing. Lease research is performed using a path-based hyperlink to each lease folder on the server. Data was provided to the client on a weekly basis and a report detailing what leases have been mapped was also provided. To date, approximately, 45,000 tracts/leases have been mapped.