Stewart Geo Technologies

GIS Data Quality Control

Bermuda and Belize Data Conversion Quality Control 

DMS was hired to provide quality control services for Stewart Geo Technologies, a professional services organization dedicated to providing mapping and land registry services. DMS was tasked to quality-check and report on the following GIS data for the countries, Bermuda and Belize:


  • Parcel boundary lines for closure (No polylines)

  • Parcel IDs for completeness (Distributed throughout the parishes)

  • Placement of parcels to digital ortho-photos

  • Street centerline attributes for completeness

  • Road centerline placement against digital ortho-photos

  • Public road polygons (tags and placement)

  • Coastline fit to parcels

  • Provide a count on the number of parcels with each data layer

  • Coastline fit to parcels

  • Provide a written report on the quality of the Bermuda and Belize parcel data based on the checks performed.