LCRA - West Travis County

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) - West Travis County

Water Utility GIS Layer Creation and Map Book Printing

Digital Mapping Services, L.P., through a sub-contract agreement with CH2MHILL, was hired by the Water/Wastewater Utility Division of the LCRA to create the GIS mapping layers for the West Travis County area near Austin, Texas. LCRA uses a GIS to help in the maintenance of water and wastewater quality issues within communities that reside along the banks of the Colorado


River. Today, various communities along the Colorado River are faced with a serious obstacle. These communities lack the proper maps and mapping systems necessary to effectively manage and maintain successful water and wastewater facility management systems.

Several objectives were outlined in the scope of work that focused on the needs of the LCRA for the West Travis County water system. The objectives addressed and completed in the project were to:

  • Develop GIS shapefiles to represent the water system features of WTC

  • Collect GPS points to fill areas where as-built data did not exist

  • Collect GPS points to improve the spatial accuracy of digitized system features

  • Create hard-copy and digital map books for the WTC water system

The work was completed on time and on budget to the specifications that were set forth by LCRA.